The Vacation Exchange Network

Benefits of Our Vacation Home Exchange Network


Risk-free: Pay only when a house swap is arranged

Joining The Vacation Exchange Network, means there is no risk to you. You pay nothing upfront.  You pay only after you arrange an exchange. VEN is the only home swapping service  offering this benefit to it’s  members. Other holiday exchange service companies charge a hefty membership fee and then you often need to pay an additional fee when the actual home exchange is made. With VEN, you pay only when your vacation is arranged and not until then! See Fees for complete details.

Flexibility: Travel whenever and wherever you want

We offer two types of exchange options Direct Exchange and Indirect Exchange so you can travel at your convenience to any location of your choice. You don’t need to find home owners who want to use your home at the same time that you use theirs. VEN is the only home exchange program that allows this flexibility of both time and location.

Full-service: Personalized home exchange program

We are much more than a home swap listing service. We help you find home owners in your preferred location for your specified time. From the moment you become a member of our network, our Exchange Coordinators and Customer Service Representatives are at your service, always available to speak with you at your convenience. You can be assured of a live operator and personalized service.

Affordability: VEN increases your chances to travel

Our network consists of more than 1500 vacation and second homes in the most preferred holiday destinations within the United States and around the world. These homes belong to members who wish to maximize their vacation opportunities by swapping holidays in their homes with holidays in the homes of other VEN members, thus making travel affordable. We have certain criteria for location, value and availability of homes, which we insure that each property meets.

Security: Deal with only VEN members

The Vacation Exchange Network values your privacy. Your name and e-mail address will always be treated confidentially. No one outside the network will ever have access to this information. Please check Security Features and Privacy Policy for complete details.

Transparency: Share information with other members

Members can share details about their vacations and their opinions about the homes they have stayed in with other members of the network.