Arrange a House Exchange Using The Most Flexible and Easiest HOME EXCHANGE PROGRAM Available


Enjoy more vacations and never pay for lodging again with our unique holiday exchange service

Our home exchange service offers unique member friendly features, that no other service can match.


No need to spend hours trying to find the perfect house at the perfect location. We’re the only company that HELPS YOU find the perfect swap. We do the work, you enjoy the exchange.


House swaps can be NON-MUTUAL, NON-SIMULTANEOUS or BOTH. This means you don’t have to find another member who wants to use your property in order for you to use their property. This makes finding an exchange easier than ever before.


We’re the only Network that specializes in VACATION and SECOND HOMES. all located in attractive resort destinations. A vacation home exchange can now be as flexible as your schedule requires.


Pay nothing unless you arrange an exchangeTo prove our value, membership is free the first yearWe receive compensation only when you arrange an exchange.


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House swaps in Washington House swaps in Oregon House swaps in California House swaps in Alaska House swaps in Hawaii House swaps in Nevada House swaps in Idaho House swaps in Arizona House swaps in Uttah House swaps in Montana House swaps in Wyoming House swaps in Colorado House swaps in New Mexico House swaps in Texas House swaps in Oklahoma House swaps in Kansas House swaps in Nebraska House swaps in South Dakota House swaps in North Dakota House swaps in Minnesota House swaps in Iowa Montana Arkansas House swaps in Louisiana House swaps in House swaps in House swaps in Florida House swaps in Wisconsin House swaps in House swaps in House swaps in South Carollina House swaps in Alabama House swaps in vacation Exchange in House swaps in House swaps in Virginia House swaps in House swaps in House swaps in House swaps in Indiana House swapping in Pennsylvania House swaps in New york House swaps in Vermont House swaps in Maine House swaps in New Hampshire House swaps in Massachussetts House swaps in Rhode Island House swaps in Connecticut House Exchange in New Jersey House swaps in Delaware House swaps in DC
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We offer two types of home exchanges allowing you unlimited travel at affordable prices.

The typical Direct house exchange service offered by all other home swap companies requires that two home owners exchange homes with each other at the same time. You need to find someone who wants to use your property at the same time you want to use their property. Finding a needle in the haystack might be easier. Our Network allows you to use another member's vacation home even if that member is not interested in your home. For example, you own a ski property in Colorado but want to take a Florida beach vacation, but the Florida member is not interested Colorado, If his home is available, our Indirect Exchange program allows you to use his property even if he's not interested in your's. Travel more pay less! The Vacation Exchange Network makes all your travel dreams come true.

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