You own a beautiful vacation home in a great area but you like to vacation in other areas as well.

Why pay to stay in a vacation rental or a hotel when you can exchange a week or two at your vacation home for a week or two at the vacation home of someone else? But arranging that home swap used to be difficult, if not impossible.

You not only had to find an available property in the area you wanted but that property owner had to want to visit your area as well.

Finding a needle in a haystack might be easier. But no more.

List Your Property

Decide Where You Want To Go

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Home Swap

List Your Property

List your vacation home, include the description that makes your vacation home the place other members want to visit. And remember to include pictures. They really are better than a thousand words.


Decide Where You Want To Go

This could be your toughest decision. We have properties in every major resort. Have fun choosing were you want to go.

Home Swapping
Exchange Homes

Contact our Concierge Service

Our concierge staff's primary function is to help find you an exchange. They do a great job and best of all there's no additional charge for this service.


Finalize the Exchange

Once we find you the property of your dreams, we'll put you in touch with the owner. Both of you will feel comfortable about using each other's property

Holiday Exchange

Got some more questions? We think we can guess a few


It's easy. Leave them with your property manager, a neighbor or send a spare set thru the mail.

Housing Swap


Agree on expectations together, including fee, how it's paid and what to do with sheets and towels

Number of homes in the Network.

Thousands of vacation homes and growing every day


More the better. Include both interior and exterior photos

Comfort Level.

You get to know the other member before agreeing to the exchange