The Vacation Exchange Network

How Home Swaps Work


Home exchange is known by different names house swap, home swap, house exchange, home exchange, holiday home swap, holiday house swap, housing swap, etc. Whatever the terminology used, the concept is the same trading a stay in your home for a stay in someone else’s home.  Since all of our exchange properties are second homes, which are frequently available during the year, arranging a holiday home swap is easier than ever before.


Why pay to stay in a vacation rental or a hotel when you can exchange a week or two at your home for a week or two at the home of another?


In a typical home swap, two home owners exchange their homes with each other. Each one enjoys a vacation in the other one’s home. A home owner in Destination A, who wishes to travel to Destination B, finds a home owner who has a home in Destination B and wishes to travel to Destination A. The two agree on simultaneous dates for travel and swap their homes for the agreed period of time.


The above type of exchange works only when two home owners, who wish to travel to each other’s locations during the same time, find each other.  Searching for and finding this type of match is time consuming and takes a great deal of effort. That’s why we created The Vacation Exchange Network.


VEN’s exchange model is much different than all other exchange companies. In a typical VEN home exchange, members need not plan simultaneous vacations with other members because our network consists of vacation and second homes, and members can use the homes of other members whenever that home is available. This is called a Direct Exchange, members swap their homes directly with each other, even though the dates of exchange are normally not during the same period.



VEN also offers another type of home swap which is more flexible and is called an Indirect Exchange. In an Indirect Exchange, a member can use another member’s home even if the latter does not choose to use the home of the former. For example, suppose you, as a member, wish to vacation in Hawaii and find a home in Hawaii that perfectly matches your vacation needs.  Even if the home owner in Hawaii does not want to travel to your location or want to use your home, you can still make your Hawaiian holiday dream come true by arranging an Indirect Exchange with that owner. Since the Hawaii home owner is not using your vacation property he receives an Exchange Credit, which can be used to pay for his next exchange."


The Vacation Exchange Network is different from any other networks because our members can travel whenever and wherever they want without having to find mutual, simultaneous home exchange partners. This makes travel affordable and dreams practical.


Even if used as a rental, vacation homes are often unoccupied much of the year. Vacation Exchange Network, members leverage these unoccupied weeks to visit destinations they may never have been able to afford.


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