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Not All House Exchange Programs are the Same

When joining a house exchange program, one of the first things that prospective members look at is the number of member homes available for exchange in their areas of interest. But caution is advised. While many house exchange programs list thousands of properties, the sad reality is that many of these houses are not really available for exchange.
After joining, the new member starts planning a vacation and looks for suitable house exchange options. A quick search for say, 'House exchange in Miami, Florida' does offer up a number of home exchange options. But, when they attempt to contact these owners, they find that many of the listings are old, stale or inactive. Nothing is more upsetting than spending hours trying to arrange a house exchange and getting no responses back from the other members.
To make matters worse, many house exchange companies accept rental listings to artificially increase their number of available home swap of properties. In fact, these properties are never available for a house exchange and are listed simply to gain rental income.
This is never the case with The Vacation Exchange Network. Only vacation homes are listed and every member is actively looking for home swaps around the world. Every property listed is a vacation home whose owner is interested in arranging a house exchange with others members. And while properties may be rental units, only house exchanges are allowed on our site. All of which makes arranging an exchange as smooth and easy as it should be since all members are dedicated to the same process.
The Vacation Exchange Network is the leading house exchange provider specializing exclusively in vacation and second homes. It has the largest vacation house exchange network with more than 1500 properties in both the USA and abroad.
Please take a look at all of our listings. We're sure you'll be impressed with both the variety and the number of exchange homes available. We're confident that our Network will provide you more house exchange opportunities than any other site. In fact, we're so confident of your success that we waive the first year's membership fee. We receive payment, only when you arrange a house exchange. No house exchange, no payment. It's that simple.

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