The Vacation Exchange Network

Unique Features of Our Home Exchange Network


Our Proof of Value. No Payment Unless You Arrange an Exchange.

Membership in our home exchange network is free the first year. Our philosophy is that we receive compensation only after you receive a benefit. No payment is made until you arrange an exchange. As a members you have access to our home swap network with over, 1500 homes around the world. You can contact other vacation homeowners or use our free Exchange Coordinator service to arrange a home exchange for you.We've built our home swap network on the philosophy that we should receive compensation only when you receive a benefit.

Use Another Member’s Vacation Home Even if They Don’t Use Yours

The Vacation Exchange Network is the only company that offers two types of home exchanges which helps you minimize your expenses and maximize your travel opportunities.

The typical house exchange offered by other companies involves two home owners exchanging their houses with each other at the same time. This requires you finding a home owner who not only has a house in the location you want to visit but is also willing to exchange at the same time you want to travel. Sounds difficult and it is. VEN offers a plan whereby vacation home owners don’t have to swap homes with each other or do so .simultaneously. A member with a vacation home in Florida may want to go skiing in Colorado, but the member in Colorado has no interest in Florida. With VEN’S Indirect Exchange, this type of exchange happens every day. You stay at the home of another member who doesn’t use your property and he stays at the vacation area he desires at a later date. We are the only home exchange network that offers this flexibility of time and location.

The Vacation Exchange Network offers two types of house swaps:

Direct Exchange: Two home owners exchange homes with each other. The exchange does not have to occur at the same time. And, since our home exchange network consists exclusively of second homes they are frequently available for exchange during the periods you’d like to travel.

Indirect Exchange: Use another member’s vacation home, even if that member is not interested in your home. The member allowing use of their home receives an Exchange Credit which   they can use as payment when using the home of yet another member. This non-mutual housing swap is exclusive to The Vacation Exchange Network.

Exclusively for Owners of Second and Vacation Homes

VEN specializes in Housing Swaps of Vacation Homes.

The Vacation Exchange Network consists solely of vacation and second homes, and is unique to our network. This helps us arrange more home swaps for our members than any other home exchange network. Our exchanges are more than finding a suburban home in exchange for your own suburban home. Our home swaps ensure the feel of real vacations. And since exchanges occur only between vacation homeowners, the flexibility of travel dates is greatly enhanced.

Our Exchange Coordinators Can Help You Arrange Your Holiday Home Exchanges

Only VEN helps its members arrange their home swaps. We remove all of the stress involved in planning a vacation exchange. You simply contact our Exchange Coordinators and tell them when and where you would like to travel. They’ll contact the members who own homes in these locations and provide you with a list of homes available for exchange. You then choose the homes that are appropriate for your needs, contact the home owners and finalize the exchange. If you choose, you can, of course, contact the members directly and arrange the exchange yourself. Either way, the process is simple and we’re always there to assist you.

See our Properties Before You Join

Before joining, read the descriptions and view the photos of the 1500+ properties in our network.

Unlike other home swap companies, we don’t insist that you join the network before you view our properties. With 1500+ homes, we have more homes available for holiday exchange than any other company, and you can read the descriptions and see the pictures of every single one of these homes before you join. We have certain criteria for value, location and availability which we make sure every property meets. Our lists are regularly updated and every home listed is current and available for exchange. Our list consists of homes that are available for holiday exchange, we are not a rental site. Each member in our network joined to make his or her travel dreams affordably. We hope you’ll let us make your dreams come true as well.

You’ll always speak to a live representative at The Vacation Exchange Network.

We are more than just a listing services. We provide a full-service home exchange program.  All your queries regarding your home listing, your home exchange, the details of your vacation, or anything else you may want to know go directly to our Exchange Coordinators and Customer Service Representatives.  Call us at any time. We are always at your service and look forward to helping you arrange your next exchange.