House Swapping

House Swapping is Different at The Vacation Exchange Network!

House swapping for a vacation, rather than staying in a hotel, sounds simple and easy to do. All you need is to find someone who has a home in your desired location who is willing to arrange a house swap where your home is located. But wait, the dates of the house swap also have to coincide in order for you to set up this perfect and affordable home exchange.
Suddenly, finding a perfect house swap is not as easy as it initially sounded. You may have a condo in New York City and want to arrange a house swap for a serene and secluded chalet in Barbados to escape during the winter. But the villa owner may not be interested in your proposed house swap. He may want to visit New York in the more comfortable summer time or is looking for a spacious villa to accommodate his family. On the other hand, he may not be interested in a New York house swap at all because he wants to take his family for a ski exchange in Colorado.
Unfortunately, you found the ideal house swap property but your plans require that the other party be equally interested in doing a housing swap for your property.
The Vacation Exchange Network solves the problem of two members having properties available for a house swap but who are not interested in each other's property. This unique ability is possible because our membership is limited to vacation homes only. We offer Direct Exchanges where you agree to a housing swap with another member and they have a choice of using your vacation house on the same dates or any other time convenient to you both. Or, you can arrange an Indirect Exchange where you stay in someone else's vacation home even if they don't want to stay in yours. The accommodating house swapping partner receives an Exchange Credit which can be used as payment for his next house swap.
The Vacation Exchange Network has also made finding the perfect house swapping partner an easy process. Unlike other companies that are simply list brokers, listing all of the house swapping properties but doing none of the work to help you find a property, our professional house swapping specialists are always at hand and ready to help you arrange that perfect swap
Just tell them where and where and when you'd like to arrange the home exchange and they will do all of the initial legwork by contacting members who have vacation homes in your specified area. After locating house swapping partners in the requested area, they will send you an email with all the members' contact information and their preference for a Direct or Indirect exchange. You then contact the other members to discuss the specifics of the house swapping agreement.
The Vacation Exchange Network has made house swapping as easy as booking a hotel room, but at a much lower cost. We welcome you to join our Network and start enjoying your own house swapping experiences.

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