Holiday Exchange

A Vacation in Exchange for your Own Holiday Home!

You bought a vacation home in a beautiful location with the best amenities and comforts possible. But a few years later you end up feeling tied down by this luxurious asset. Obviously nobody likes to holiday in the same place time and again, no matter how charming, beautiful or attractive the destination may be!
Spending thousands of dollars on lodging when travelling to other destinations while your own holiday exchange home lies unused is definitely a huge deterrent for holiday home or second home owners.
Holiday exchange is fast gaining in popularity, but finding someone with a holiday home in your choice destination, at the same time they use yours, seems virtually impossible. All the searching and coordinating takes up tons of time and you may still not find a match after hours of effort.
The Vacation Exchange Network eliminates all the work and has become the standard in the industry for vacation and second home owners interested in arranging holiday exchanges. Established in 1997, The Vacation Exchange Network boasts the largest holiday home swap network with over 1500 choice properties all over the United States and abroad, from Canada and Australia to Egypt and South Africa to China and Switzerland.
But it's not only the number of holiday exchange properties that differentiates The Vacation Exchange Network. Because our Network only lists vacation homes, the Network can offer members a unique non-simultaneous exchange whenever and wherever you'd like to go
You can arrange a holiday exchange with another member, have a 'staycation' in his vacation house on the dates you choose and he can do a similar holiday exchange on the dates that meet his schedule. In addition, you can even arrange a holiday exchange with another member even if he is not interested in your holiday home. Yes, this exclusive indirect holiday exchange feature opens the door to numerous vacation opportunities since it's not dependant on the other member agreeing to use your holiday home! When you allow the same opportunity to another member, meaning he uses your holiday home but you do not use his, you receive an Exchange Credit which can be used to pay for your next holiday exchange.
Still not convinced? The Vacation Exchange Network offers free membership for the first year. Pay the holiday exchange fee only after you arrange an exchange and experience the benefits and convenient of a holiday exchange.
So, don't let your beautiful vacation home become the reason you don't travel anymore. That beautiful vacation home has now become your passport to arrange a holiday exchange anywhere in the world.

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