The Vacation Exchange Network

How to Arrange Your Home Exchange

The first step in planning your next vacation is to list your home in The Vacation Exchange Network. Then tell us where your dream location is and when you would like to travel. That’s about it. The most difficult part of your vacation planning is over. It’s as simple as that. VEN exchange coordinators will contact the owners of all of the vacation properties offered for home swap in your desired location. We will determine if the vacation homes are available for exchange during your specified time and whether their owners prefer a Direct or Indirect Exchange We will then send you a list of available homes along with the owners’ contact information as well as their preference for a Direct or Indirect Exchange.

Or if you prefer, you can search our entire data base and make all the initial contacts yourself. For your convenience, our listings are categorized by location.  When searching for a United States based holiday swap, just click on the state you’re interested in.  A list of all areas will appear and you then simple click your preferred destination. All of the homes within that area will appear along with contact information for each member. If you want to  arrange an International exchange,  simple click ‘International Properties. Each property along with their owners’ contact information will appear Once you find the home of your choice,  contact the other owner via email or telephone and tell them of your interest in arranging a home exchange.

During the initial discussion determine whether a Direct or an Indirect Exchange works better for each member. In a Direct Exchange, you and the other member agree to trade a stay in your home for a stay in the other member’s home.  The exchange dates do not need to be simultaneously.

In an Indirect Exchange, you use the home of another member, but that other member does not stay in your home. Your home exchange partner receives an Exchange Credit for allowing you the use their home. The Exchange Credit can be used as payment by the other member for use of any other member’s home in the network. The Exchange Credit never expires and can be used at any time.

Once an exchange is agreed to by both members, our Exchange Coordinators will provide all the guidelines necessary to make the exchange process as simple as possible Members of The Vacation Exchange Network join because they all want to leverage their vacation homes and travel around the world, lodging free. As a VEN member you too will be able to share this wonderful home exchange experience.



A Step by Step Overview of The Vacation Exchange Network’s Home Exchange Process

The exchange process is simple to understand and easy to complete:


Step One: Decide where you’d like to holiday swap and when.

Step Two: Browse our list of vacation homes, or provide our Exchange Coordinators with details of your home exchange requirements.

Step Three: Contact the owners of the available homes and determine with the other owner whether to arrange a Direct or Indirect Exchange.

Step Four: Finalize and arrange your home swap.

Step Five: Enjoy a wonderful affordable vacation!

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