The Vacation Exchange Network



Established in 1997, the Vacation Exchange Network (VEN) is the largest network of vacation homes available for holiday exchange, listing more than 1000 homes in the United States and hundreds of others in international locations.  Based in the United States, VEN specializes in vacation and second homes, making non-mutual and non-simultaneous house exchanges possible for the first time.


The Vacation Exchange Network was an idea developed by a couple who wanted to leverage their vacation home and travel around the world lodging free.   Rather then paying for a hotel or renting someone else’s home they conceived the idea of exchanging their vacation home for a stay at someone else’s vacation home which made traveling much more affordable.   This led to the revolutionary concept of The Vacation Exchange Network.


Our holiday exchange program is unique and helps make each network member’s dream of traveling to wonderful destinations come true. Our home swap program eliminates the requirement for members to find other owners who wish to exchange their homes at exactly the same time as they do. Our Network consists of vacation and second homes, and the program offers non-mutual and non-simultaneous house swaps. The houses are all in attractive resort destinations allowing for a true holiday swap.  Plan a vacation when it is most convenient for you, since the program allows total flexibility in travel dates. What’s more, our exchange coordinators help network members find exchange partners at their desired locations and chosen times, making their holidays totally hassle free.


The Vacation Exchange Network, through our unique holiday exchange programs and coordinators, ensures more vacation opportunities and easier home swaps than any other home exchange service.  Membership in the VEN, makes travel more affordable, and more and more people are now able to vacation at resort areas around the world.


Become a member of the Vacation Exchange Network, With more members added to our Network every day and new features to our website, we are constantly enhancing your vacation exchange experience. Please contact our home swap specialists with any questions. Let them help you find the right home exchange partners in the location just right for you. Enjoy more vacations at affordable costs.  Let us help you travel to all your dream destinations.


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